Nigeria's Muslim lawyers say 75 percent of Boko haram victims are Muslims

    1454093731394.jpg By Mohammad Ibrahim
    Nigeria's Muslim lawyers say 75 percent of Boko haram victims are Muslims

    Muslim Lawyers' Association of Nigeria( MULAN) said their visitations to Internally Displaced (IDPs) camps across the country revealed that 75 percent of affected persons are innocent muslims.

    The group therefore, called on Nigerian government at all levels to be more pro-active in the alleviation of the suffering of the IDPs majority of which are women and children.

    MULAN stated this in a communique signed by the group's President Dr Kamal Dawud issued at the end of its  9th Annual National conference in Kaduna.

    The association also observed that there is systematic abused of rights of Muslims under the Nigerian legal system." The Association therefore calls for quick amendment of relevant provisions of the constitution that are currently inhibiting the practice of Islamic tenets in Nigeria.

    " These include section 275, 277, etc of the 199 constitution as amended. The association calls for good  governance and prudent spending of resources as a penacea for poverty eradication, social political dislocation.

    " Deprivation and economic disequilibrium which are all harbingers of bad governance. We frowns at how opportune individuals mismanaging the peoples' common wealth," the statements said.

    The lawyers  reiterates the fact that Nigerians can be categorized into basic religions and it is only fair, just and equitable that each category of people should ve allowed to practice their religion to the fullest.

    " We are therefore calling on government to grant the sharia court of each state both civil and criminal jurisdictions in matters relating to shariah law for the muslims as the present high courts are well seated to the christians," he said.

    They equally commended the effort of the president Muhammadu Buhari in addressing dwindling economy as they recommended for non interest Banking system and other economic principles to assist in improving the economy of the country.