News and sports websites ‘vulnerable to attack’

    News and sports websites ‘vulnerable to attack’

    Security adoption varies across industry sectors, where some companies such as Google, Apple and Microsoft are strong advocates of the adoption of HTTPS, while other companies, especially for news and sports websites, have weak adoption.
    The cyber attack that is currently crippling the websites is a classic example of a so-callled “ransomware” strike. A user’s computer is infected with malware which typically encrypts the entire hard drive.

    June 10, Oslo: News and sports websites have some of the lowest levels of security adoption, a study has suggested. A team of cyber-security experts looked at the security protocols used by the top 500 sites in various industries and online sectors.

    They found that fewer than 10% of news and sports websites used basic security protocols such as HTTPS and TLS."As time goes by, all encryption gets weaker because people find ways around it," Prof Alan Woodward, a cyber-security expert at the University of Surrey.

    Many news and competition websites do not use secure HTTPS connections.News and sports websites have some of a lowest levels of confidence adoption, a investigate has suggested.

    ONLINE sports website the Bleacher Report has admitted their site database has fallen victim to hackers who accessed users personal information. The American-based website said the details accessed in the hack included names and email addresses of their readers.

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