New polar international festival perfectly holds the balance between art and sports

    New polar international festival perfectly holds the balance between art and sports

    Aug 14, Oslo: A new festival is being organized in the polar region of Russia in Nickel village, a village close to the Norwegian border from 17th to 19th of August.

    Ambitious polar event

    A new festival will be organized in the polar region of Russia in Nickel village, which according tot he organizers is close to Russia's border with Norway. It will be the first time in history that this place has hosted such a big and ambitious event, which aims to show how it is possible to keep the balance between sport and art by combining these two areas. The name of the festival in Russian reflects its spirit—“Derzhi balans”, which means “hold the balance”.

    Among the invited guests will be national and international sportsmen, Olympic medalists, authors, actors, representatives of environmental organizations and other public figures who have a lot to share.

    The festival’s territory will be split into three main locations in accordance with the event types organized on each of them—sport events, resourceful workshops or film festivals. The first location is the bridge on the Shuyoniki River, the second is the visitor center of the Pasvic Nature Reserve and the Vtoraya Shkola art center is the third.

    A fine combination of sport, educational programs and recreational activities will make this big event attractive to national and international visitors. At the same time, the main idea of these activities is to teach how to “keep the balance” between sports and arts in daily life.

    The sport activities include sailing and SUP sport competitions on the Shuyoniki River, which are ideal for polar climate conditions. In the meantime, guests will have a great opportunity to discover the beauty of Russian nature in a remarkable nature reserve, the mix of flora and fauna of which is identical to tundra and taiga. Tall trees, crystal rivers and lakes together with endless valleys are what attract nature lovers to this place.

    Partners and organizers
    The scale of this first festival is quite large. The general organizers of the event are the Russian Sailing Federation and the Zhivaya Classica Foundation, whereas the main sponsor is the Nornickel Company.

    Zhivaya Classica is known for its promotional activities of Russian literature for young people abroad and within the country.
    The Nornickel Company is a nickel and palladium mining and smelting company that works mainly in polar territories. The company works hard on minimizing pollution and modernization of technologies. One of Nornickel’s remarkable achievements was a grant awarded to it in 2016 by international ecological organization Bellona for considerable decrease of emissions to the amount of 35 000 tons per year. The management of the company hasn’t stopped at this point and keeps progressing in the same eco-friendly direction. “We are very pleased that the emission reductions have continued,” said Oskar Njaa, an advisor with Bellona’s Russia group. 
    The festival gives Nornickel even more possibilities to contribute to the local region. In the long-term perspective, the organizers of this event would like to transform Nickel and Zapolarny territories from small urban villages into tourist destinations. In fact, these places have all the resources they need for such a big step forward.Local authorities together with the management of the Pasvic Nature Reserve believe that, owing to the support of Nornickel, this place will definitely turn into an eco-tourism attraction. “Tourism is a wonderful opportunity for us from a local economy perspective,” notes Vladimir Chizhov, the director of Russian nature reserve.

    On a final note, it’s worth mentioning that the festival is open to all national and international guests and entrance is free.
    The main dilemma for the participants, however, will be to choose which events they would like to see the most because they will have a large selection of events to choose from.

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