Nepal unveils newly promulgated Constitution

    Nepal unveils newly promulgated Constitution

    Kathmandu, Sept 20: After nearly two decades of struggle and political wrangling Nepal's constitution was finally announced in Kathmandu on Sunday.

    The new constitution which divides the country into seven parts was first demanded for by the Maoists who waged a ten year long war against Nepal's Monarchy, which was finally overthrown through a people's revolt in 2006. In 2008, the Maoists won the constituent assembly elections, which finally led to the complete abolition of the 240-year-old monarchy.

    But amid political wrangling and squabbling for power  the constituent assembly failed to draw up a new constitution within the given time frame and was postponed, leading to a second CA Polls. After nearly six years of struggle, an all inclusive constitution has been promulgated. However, this time too, there has been opposition by a small minority wanting Nepal to become a Hindu nation.Similarly, protests between the ethnic Tharu and Madhesi groups had led to about two weeks of unrest in the south of the country, which has left 40 dead.

    While talking to a local media at the Constituent Assembly hall a representative of Nepal bar association representative Hari Krishna Karki, stated that though the new constitution has seen opposition by a small minority of the population, it represents all ethnic groups and minorities. "Nothing can be perfect in one go, the constitution needs to be used as framework for national development and we should work on bringing our issues up in a democratic manner, instead of creating chaos," he said.

    The government of Nepal has called for all the protesting groups to come together in a peaceful dialogue as there is space for amendments in the new constitution.  The constitution in Nepal will be amended every ten years according to Nepal's communication minister Minendra Rijal who also stated that the government wants the protesting groups to be part of the entire process. "We want them to be part of the process, but it can't be done without compromise on their side," said Minister Rijal,

    President Ram Baran Yadav after signing Nepal's seventh constitution, while addressing the parliament on Sunday before announcing the new constitution said, "the wishes of the Nepali people today have been fulfilled. As I submit and declare this constitution as the people's constitution of Nepal, I would like to congratulate all my Nepali brothers and sisters.

    "The people of Nepal have worked really hard in bringing this new constitution. I would like to declare that the constitution which has been established today should be implemented at all levels to ensure that every citizen is not deprived of their rights. "With the declaration of this constitution I believe the nation will now leap towards national development, in a peaceful manner. This constitution will ensure the rights of all people and diminish all forms of inequality," he said.

    Before the promulgation of new constitution Tharu leaders that opposed and left the CA have supported the new constitution just before its promulgation.

    The promulgation of a new constitution has been opposed by Madeshi leaders, an ethnic group in the southern Nepal, have held protest for the past one month.  Even today, clashes have broken out where at least one person was killed and several wounded in the southern Nepali town Birgunj

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