Nearly 70,000 migrants may be stuck in Greece border in March

    Nearly 70,000 migrants may be stuck in Greece border in March

    Feb 29, Athens: Thousands of refugees those fleeing war in the Middle East are stuck on Greece's border with Macedonia.

    The UN is warning of a growing humanitarian challenge in the border as tensions are high as temperatures dip and many refugees - fearing they will not be able to continue their journey - continued to demand on Sunday that they be allowed to cross.

    Four Balkans countries have announced a daily cap on how many people can pass through and Austria has restricted entry for hundreds of thousands.

    Following the border shutdowns, Greece, a primary gateway to Europe, has been inundated with refugees, reports said.

    People are trying to make their way to western and northern Europe, but border controls are forcing many into already overcrowded camps. Only some Iraqis and Syrians have been allowed to cross.

    According to the Greek officials, the number of refugees trapped in the country may reach 70,000 in the coming weeks, although a NATO plan to crack down on smugglers could limit the flow of migration significantly.

    Europe is in the second year of its biggest migration crisis since World War II.

    The Oslo Times


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