Myanmar makes preparations to take back Rohingya refugees from Bangladesh

    Myanmar makes preparations to take back Rohingya refugees from Bangladesh

    Jan 22, Dhaka: The Authority of Myanmar is making final preparations to take back the first batch of Rohingyas who had fled conflict in troubled Rakhine state, state media said, despite growing doubts about the plan among refugees and in the United Nations.

    Rakhine state Chief Minister Nyi Pu “insisted on completion of the finishing touches on buildings, medical clinics and sanitation infrastructures” during a visit to repatriation camps in the state on Friday, the Global New Light of Myanmar newspaper said.

    It published a photo of his delegation standing by a long, wooden house that will be used to house returnees at the camp near the town of Maungdaw. However, over 655,500 Rohingya fled to Bangladesh after the Myanmar military cracked down in the northern part of Rakhine in response to militant attacks on security forces on August 25, 2017. The United Nations described the operation as ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya, which Myanmar denies.

    Myanmar will start receiving Rohingya refugees from Bangladesh at two reception centres and the temporary camp near Maungdaw starting on Tuesday and continuing over the next two years, under an agreement the two countries signed this week.

    Bangladesh will provide an advance list of prospective returnees with forms attesting to their residency in Myanmar, the newspaper said. Some returnees will cross over by land and others via a river along the border, it said. Rohingya refugees at the sprawling Kutupalong camp in Bangladesh are balking at going back until Myanmar can guarantee their safety.

    Even as Myanmar gets ready to start receiving the Rohingya next week, more of them are fleeing the country due to continued military operations in Rakhine. More than 100 Rohingya Muslims from northern Rakhine fled into Bangladesh and scores more were waiting to cross the Naf river that forms the border, they said.

    United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) spokesman in Myanmar, cautioned that the returnees must not be rushed out of Bangladesh prematurely “without the informed consent of refugees or the basic elements of lasting solutions in place.”

    “Further measures are also required to ensure safe, voluntary and sustainable repatriation of refugees to their places of origin and to address the underlying root causes of the crisis,” he told Reuters.

    The UNHCR, which is helping to administer the refugee camps, is not involved in the repatriation exercise between Bangladesh and Myanmar.

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