Migrants treated like animals in Hungary camp

    Migrants treated like animals in Hungary camp

    Sept.11, Budapest: Disturbing footage has emerged of migrants being thrown bags of food at a Hungary’s main refugee camp on Friday near the border with Serbia.

    The video, shot secretly by an Austrian volunteer who visited the flashpoint Roszke camp on Wednesday, said that migrants were being treated like ‘animals’.

    The Video shows some 150 people wildly scrambling for bags of sandwiches thrown at them by Hungarian police wearing helmets and hygiene masks in a fenced-in enclosure inside a big hall.

    Women and children were caught in the chaotic scrum as hungry people frantically tried to catch the bread flying through the air.

    It comes as Central European states, Germany and Luxembourg are due to meet over the migrant crisis.
    Germany is pushing a quota system that would oblige EU states to take fixed numbers of new arrivals.
    The European Commission wants 120,000 additional asylum seekers a year to be shared out between 28 members - a sharp increase from the previous proposal of 40,000.

    The Oslo Times


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