MH370 investigators remain hopeful on anniversary

    MH370 investigators remain hopeful on anniversary

    March 8, Kuala Lumpur: Investigators from Malaysia and Australia said they remain hopeful that flight MH370 will eventually be found, two years on from its disappearance. 

    The aircraft with 239 on board disappeared between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing on 8 March 2014.

    Australian-led search teams are combing a 120,000 sq km (46,330 sq mile) area of the southern Indian Ocean. Only one confirmed piece of debris, a part of wing called a flaperon, has been found, on Reunion Island, reports said.

    The search, involving Australian, Chinese and Malaysian experts, is estimated to have cost more than $130m (£92m).

    It is expected to draw to a close later this year if there is no progress, although many relatives of passengers want it to continue if nothing is found by then.

    The Oslo Times


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