Metatron: Dagger of Mortality

    Metatron: Dagger of Mortality

    “Metatron: Dagger of Mortality by Laurence St. John sustains constant action as 15-year-old Tyler struggles to stop the relentless animosity of a demonic figure and his accomplice! Sometimes you need to go backwards to move forward…” —Piers Anthony, New York Times bestselling author of the Xanth Series.

    Metatron: Dagger of Mortality is the third book in the series by fantasy author,  Laurence St. John.

    Tyler Thompson is in isolation to master his superhero training. On graduation day, Tyler is urgently summoned, and now he must confront a new evil. When Kelltie, a female scientist from Steele Corp, threatens Tyler's destiny by framing him for the largest mass killings in American history, there’s nothing he can do to stop it.

    Making matters worse, Kelltie collaborates with Black Shadow, who has his own agenda—to use the Dagger of Mortality and kill Metatron.

    Feeling vulnerable, Tyler finds inspiration from Master Dogmai, and now he must render the most arduous decision of his life. He can either save himself and his beloved girlfriend, Kendall, or he can save millions of helpless people—and hinder Kelltie's plan.

    Published by Ogopogo Books, an imprint of Imajin Books, the novel is now available for Pre-Order at Amazon. It will be released on 15, March. 

    About the Author
    Born in Toledo Ohio, Laurence St. John obtained an Associates Degree in Microcomputer Business Systems from Owen State Community college. The author's fourth novel in the Metatron series will be released sometime in 2019.

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