France begins manhunt for surviving Paris attackers

    France begins manhunt for surviving Paris attackers

    Nov 16, Paris: As the investigation over the Paris attack continues as French police have begun the search for the surviving members of Islamist group IS, 26-year old Salah Abdeslam is one of them who is brought forward as main suspect.

    Authorities said Abdeslam was in a car which was stopped by police on Saturday in Belgium border. He and the two other occupants in the car were released after his papers were checked. One of his brothers is said to have died after detonating a suicide belt, and another has been arrested.

    Salah Abdeslam is said to have rented a VW Polo car that was found near the Bataclan concert hall, where 89 people died, and believed to have been used by attackers.

    It is unclear whether the French authorities had matched the VW Polo found at the Bataclan venue to him at the time he was stopped.
    Police have described Salah Abdeslam as dangerous, and warned people not to approach him.

    The Oslo Times


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