Macron camp condemns hacking attack

    Macron camp condemns hacking attack

    Apr 6, Paris: The French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron has become the target of a "massive hacking attack" after a trove of documents was released online.

    The centrist will face off against far-right candidate Marine Le Pen.The documents were leaked on a file sharing website late on Friday and the Macron camp condemned the action just before the official campaigning period ended at midnight.The candidates and the media now face restrictions until the polls close on Sunday evening, meaning Mr Macron cannot issue further statements.

    About nine gigabytes of data were posted online by an anonymous user. Macron's En Marche movement said internal campaign documents, including emails and financial data, had been taken in an "act of massive, co-ordinated hacking"."The leaked files were obtained several weeks ago by hacking personal and professional email accounts of several officials of the movement," it said in a statement.

    The campaign said the documents showed only legitimate campaign activities.France's election commission warned that publication or republication of the leaked information could be a criminal offence.

    Meanwhile,  the opinion polls have indicated the former economy minister carries a lead of 20 percentage points or more over Ms Le Pen.

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