Keyan forces kill Gunman responsible for siege at a Police station

    Keyan forces kill Gunman responsible for siege at a Police station Reinforcements being deployed to Kapenguria police station. Photo Courtesy: West FM Kenya

    July 14,Nairobi: The gunman who had taken hostages inside a police station in western Kenya has been shot dead, according to the security forces on Thursday.

    The siege in Kapenguria had began early on Thursday when the attacker, a suspected al-Shabab sympathiser held at the police station, stole a gun and opened fire at officers, leading to a hostage situation.

    A Police Inspector General Joseph Boinnet had said in a statement.that commandos had surrounded the police station in an attempt to bring the stand-off to an end. "His [the attacker's] attempts to escape were thwarted by quick arrival by other officers," Boinnet, was quoted by Aljazeera as saying.

    According to local media, five police officers, including a senior officer, were are among the dead, quoting West Pokot County Commissioner Wilson Wanyanga and according to the Kenyan television channel KTN said as many as six officers had died in Kapenguria.

    Over the past few  years the terror organization, Al-Shabab has launched a series of attacks against Kenya.  And in the last couple of week, over 100 al-Shabab members raided a police station in northeast Kenya, wounding one officer and escaping with arms and ammunition.

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