Journalist arrests in 2016 at 30-year high: CPJ

    Journalist arrests in 2016 at 30-year high: CPJ

    Dec.14, NY: More journalists have been jailed this year by governments around the world than at any time in nearly three decades, according to a media rights watchdog.

    The report by the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), a nonprofit group that works to defend press freedoms, says a total of 259 journalists have been jailed in 2016, compared with 199 at the same time last year.

    That is the highest number since the group began keeping detailed records in 1990.

    The numbers do not include journalists who have disappeared or are held captive by non-state groups.

    After Turkey and China, Egypt, with 25 journalists incarcerated, is listed in third place by the report - the CPJ's annual census of imprisoned journalists.

    This year marked the first time since 2008 that Iran was not among the top five worst offenders.

    The report says this is because many of those sentenced in a post-election crackdown in 2009 have served their sentences and been released.

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