Italy: Authorities probe disappearance of US student in Rome

    Italy: Authorities probe disappearance of US student in Rome

    July 4, Rome: Italian authorities on Monday were investigating the disappearance of a Wisconsin student in Rome a day after he arrived in the Italian capital.

    Cabot University President Franco Pavoncello told the AP Monday the family of 19-year-old Beau Solomon has arrived in Italy. He says the U.S. institution is in contact with Italian authorities, the U.S. Embassy and the student's home school, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, media reports said.

    Pavoncello declined to elaborate.

    A John Cabot statement says it was "alerted by his roommate who reported that he had lost contact with Beau around 1 a.m. on Thursday night while together at a pub in Rome and was worried when he did not see Beau at orientation" Friday morning.

    Solomon is from Spring Green and UW-Madison said he had just completed his first year as a personal finance major. His family says his credit cards have been used since he disappeared.

    Dramatic developments involving U.S. students, often shortly after arriving in Italy for a semester or year of study, are not infrequent. They are often surprised to learn that wine and other alcohol can be easily purchased in supermarkets and drinking often begins in early evening and lasts well past midnight.

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