ISIL claims responsibility for Jordan border attack

    ISIL claims responsibility for Jordan border attack

    June 27, Damascus: The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) group has claimed responsibility for a car bomb suicide attack on the Jordanian border with Syria last week which killed seven Jordanian troops and wounded 13. The attack was took place in a buffer zone opposite the Syrian refugee camp of al-Rukban. 

    ISIL's news agency released a statement on Monday claiming to have carried out what it described as a suicide attack targeting the "American Jordanian al-Rukban military base".

    The group also posted a video showing a car speeding through flat desert towards an army post, followed by an explosion near the site.

    Jordanian officials said last week that the attack involved multiple vehicles.

    Following the attack, Jordan said it would respond with an "iron fist". It sealed off the border, cutting off about 70,000 Syrian refugees stranded in the area from international aid delivery. Aid officials say no food and little water have reached the area.

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