Iranian government to blind prisoner

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    Iranian government to blind prisoner

    May 13, Tehran:  HRANA has revealed that a retaliation penalty of "eye for an eye" will be executed against Mojtaba Yasavoli (Saheli) next Tuesday at the Rajai Shahr prison.

    Mojtaba has already lost one of his eyes, as a result of savage punishment on March 3, 2015, for allegedly carrying out an acid attack. The retributive justice (Qisas), an Islamic punishment, was carried out by Tehran's prosecutor under the verdict of Judge Mohammad Shahriari, the vice prosecutor and Chief of the Criminal Court of Tehran.

    Yasavoli, 31, has been reportedly given a chance to pay atonement (blood money) to the victim of acid throwing to stop the retaliation in kind.
    He attempted to blind an individual through an acid attack in 2009.

    The prisoner is kept in Hall 4 at Ward 2 of Rajai Shahr prison, and will lose his other eye if the penalty is carried out.In addition, HRANA released the number of a bank account of Mojtaba's sister for grass root donations to stop the shocking punishment.

    The Oslo Times


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