India: Bystanders watch as Delhi woman stabbed

    India: Bystanders watch as Delhi woman stabbed

    Sept.20, New Delhi: Indians have reacted with outrage after passers-by watched a woman being stabbed more than 20 times on a busy street in the capital, Delhi.

    CCTV footage showed a man on a motorcycle approach schoolteacher Karuna, 22, who died in the attack.

    He is seen stabbing her repeatedly as people walk by, before hitting her on the head with a stone and kicking her.

    Locals did eventually intervene when he tried to escape. Police say they have charged the suspect with murder.

    "She was attacked as she was walking with her cousin at around 9am. It seems that the assailant started liking her when they used to be neighbours earlier, but since he was married, she never paid attention," senior police official Esha Pandey told the BBC.

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