Hungary to detain refugees in border camps

    Hungary to detain refugees in border camps

    Feb.10, Budapest: The government in Hungary plans to hold refugees and asylum seekers in border camps built with shipping containers, completely restricting their freedom of movement.

    The measure will also apply to people in already existing facilities, who will be moved to the camps and kept there until their asylum claims are processed.

    Prime Minister Viktor Orban's right wing government said it had taken the tough new measure to deal with the thousands of people who have fled to Europe in the last two years. Orban's chief of staff described it as a protective measure, BBC news reported.

    Lazar said, "Containers suitable for accommodating 200-300 people will be erected. Migrants will have to wait there for a legally binding decision on their claims."

    Asylum seekers will be able to take part in court proceedings via telecommunications equipment that will be provided in the camps, he added.

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