HIA Seeks Peace and Stability in Afghanistan not Chaos: Qaribur Rahman Saeed Tells The Oslo Times

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    HIA Seeks Peace and Stability in Afghanistan not Chaos: Qaribur Rahman Saeed Tells The Oslo Times

    March 25, Kabul: The Chair of the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission, Seema Samar at the UN Security Counsel had raised concerns over the United Nations Decision to remove Gulbadin Hekmatyar from from the terrorist black list, however her concerns have raised a serious questions as to where Afghanistan is headed.

    Ms. Samar in her address at the Counsel started by raising the problems faced by women and children in the country which has faced due to the instability in the country, before raising concerns about the lack of respect for justice and human rights in the peace process and the Counsel's decision to let Hekmatyar off the hook. " The Taliban are terrorist and we should deal with them like we deal with Daaesh and other terrorist groups. We are also disappointed with the Security Counsel's decision to take the name of Gulbadin Hekmatyar from the blacklist and blanket Amnesty the Government of Afghanistan provided to him and his commanders." She said while stressing on the need to respect the rule of law,justice and human rights in the peace process.

    Last September, President Ashraf Ghani had signed the peace deal with the HIA leader and just a little over a month ago the Hekmatyar had agreed to join the peace talks and return to Kabul. Despite this  the HIA leader has not yet returned to the Afghan Capital.

    In an effort to find out more about the HIA's plans and what the party had to say about the concerns raised by Ms.Samar. The Oslo Times met with the Current Chief of Peace and Reconciliation Council of Hezbi Islami (Islamic Party of Afghanistan) in Europe and Former Cultural Minister, Ustad Qaribur Rahman Saeed, for a short rendezvous. In the conversation with The Oslo Times, Chief International  Correspondent Prabalta Rijal, he lashed out at the statement made at the UN as he believes that as a representative of Afghanistan Ms.Samar should have supported the peace process and should have criticized the foreign forces that had been tearing the country into pieces instead.

    HIA has always stood by its nation and people for over four decades and under the
    leadership of Hekmatyar we trampled the attempted invasion by the Soviet
    Union wich has been proudly imprinted in our national history."
    --Ustad Qaribur Rahman Saeed

    " Why doesn't she criticize the bombardment and killings of our people by other countries why hasn't she criticized the  foreign forces that were involved in our national matters what has she done for the nation?" he queried. He went on to condemn her statement and  claimed that she had communist values that are  unsuitable for a country like Afghanistan, which is deeply rooted to its religious beliefs. The only type of government that can lead Afghanistan to prosperity is a Government which has democratic Islamic values. And at this point of time the country cannot afford to leave out rebel groups if peace negotiations are to be successful. She's trying to file racial discrimination, her speech is baseless meaningless and pointless. We strongly condemn such baseless speech she made".

    The HIA Current Chief of Peace and Reconciliation Council in Europe, praised the government's move to give into the demands of his party,"the country  is still in peril and the Ghani administration understands this, "this is why they have agreed to release all HIA cadres and leaders for the peace process to begin."  However, according to him the government has not yet kept its part of the bargain and this is why Hekmatyar has not yet returned to Kabul. He further stated that along with the prisoners the government had also promised to create a space in Kabul for Afghan refugees who had been displaced during the war, " until these demands are met Mr. Hekmatyar will not return," he said.

    He further said that his party was dedicated towards the people of Afghanistan and are working towards ensuring a that there is peace and stability, security and justice and respect for human rights in the country. " We have always wanted the best for our people and therefore we  have come into  negotiations as we feel until and unless everyone is brought to the table, these goals cannot be achieved, " before adding that all they wanted was a government chosen through a free and fair election.

    " The government of Afghanistan should be by the people of Afghanistan and for the people of Afghanistan, but for this to happen all warring sides need to put their guns down and come into negotiations, as we have done" he said.

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