Happy Valentines Day to all our Readers

    Happy Valentines Day to all our Readers

    Dear Readers,

    Firstly I would like to wish Everyone A Very Happy Valentines Day!

    The Story of Valentines day, is sad and in many ways morbid. Saint Valentine a Christian Priest was executed on this day for what was regarded as a crime, marrying couples who were inlove with each other.

    Though many people celebrate this day as a day of Love and completely forget the act of kindness and humanity that was shown by Saint Valentine, his love for what he believed was right, his love for humanity. Also his act of carrying out marriages in those days required courage. So, this day is not just about celebrating love it is about celebrating  Love, kindness and most importantly  celebrating the act of humanity and courage that Saint Valentine had shown.

    There are lots of wrong things happening in our world today, let’s look at slavery and child labour for instance, do we really care about where the gifts we are buying from come from? Have we stepped up our efforts as consumers to say STOP Slavery in the supply chains.

    Look at yourself in the mirror, the gold chains and pendants you may be wearing most probably has gold which was mined by a five year-old child somewhere in the Philippines or Africa, the shining stone on yourfinger may very well be from a diamond mine where child labor is used.

    Take a look at your smartphones and battery operated devices, they too are products of slavery and many of them use cobalt that were mined by nimble fingers which are supposed to be at school. Similarly, the clothes we wear and chocolates we gift to our loved ones are not all slavery free.

    So, today as we celebrate Valentines Day, lets pledge to ourselves that we as consumers will raise a voice to give these children who are toiling in mines and sweatshops a chance at a better life, because no child deserves to spend his/her childhood in a factory.

    Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

    Best Wishes,
    Prabalta Rijal
    Chief International Correspondent

    The Oslo Times International News Network


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