Global Peace Foundation calls for interfaith peace and harmony in Nigeria

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    Global Peace Foundation calls for interfaith peace and harmony in Nigeria

    Nigeria (Kaduna) The Global Peace Foundation has counseled Muslims and Christians communities on ethno-religious conflicts with a called on them  to learn to live in peace and harmony in Nigeria on Friday.

    The Country Director for the foundation, Mr John Oko explained the importance for  muslims and christians  and why they should live in peace with each other."Nigeria is a country with more than 250 different tribes and has witnessed tribal and religious crisis years back which resulted to lost of lives and property worth millions of naira ( Nigerian currency)." Therefore, he warned the community leaders from both Muslims and Christians  to desist from doing or saying things that may divide the local community.

    According to him, the aim of the workshop was to bring the Christians and Muslims together irrespective of their religious or tribal affiliations.
    " We cannot achieve peace without human relationship. We are ready to work with you in your communities to enable you sustain peace in the state and country in general," he said.

    He further explained that the  foundation is a value based peace building and conflict prevention initiative that seeks to mitigate sectarian violence by changing attitudes and behaviours that drive identity-based conflict thereby promoting and sustaining social cohesion among various faiths, ethnic and tribal groups.

    Reverend Hayeb added that the campaign is piloted in six communities in the state and they include Zonkwa in Zangon Kataf, Sabon Gari Kwoi community in Jaba all in Southern part of the state.

    While in central zone there are Mando community of Igabi Local government and Maraban Rido Commuunity of Chikun Local government area of the state. In Northern Zone there are Dutsen-Wai community in Kubau and Soba community in Soba Local government area of the state.

    He said the workshop aimed at also training the trainers, saying at the end they expected the participants to educate others in their communities.

    Earlier, Former Adviser to late Governor Patrick Yakowa on Islamic Matters, Shaikh Halliru Maraya said no community, state or country will strive well without peace.

    He said Kaduna has never being the same since its witnessed the 1987 tribal crisis in the state in which many lives and property worth millions of naira was destroyed.

    " We are members of one family regardless of our tribal, religious and geographical differences. We are all from the family of Adam and Eve. So we must learn to live in peace," he said.

    Kaduna State Christian Association of Nigeria CAN  Secretary  and Jama'atul Nasril Islam JNI  Secretary in their goodwill message all spoke on the importance of peace as they both charged the participants to take the training seriously.  

    The Oslo Times


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