Ghani at Kabul Process meeting: Taliban have a last chance to join Peace

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    Ghani at Kabul Process meeting: Taliban have a last chance to join Peace

    June 6, Kabul: The Kabul Process meeting about peace and security cooperation in Afghanistan opened on Tuesday on Jun 06 in Kabul the capital of Afghanistan with the delegation of 23 countries.

    M Ashraf Ghani the president of Afghanistan officially opened this summit today’s morning and speech for 40 minutes.
    He said in his speech to during the inauguration of this summit if Taliban want to join the Peace Process Kabul will open an office for them. He strongly added that this is the last chance for Taliban.

    Ghani declared Afghanistan has been the frontline of terrorism in the world, but Kabul has been committed to fighting against terrorism, but it wants to build strong political and economic ties with all neighboring countries.

    He further added Taliban have been sponsored terrorism to create platform and bringing terrorism from all around region to Afghanistan.

    Ashraf Ghani said:" Afghanistan is suffering an undeclared war of aggression from Pakistan. What will it take to convince Pakistan that a stable Afghanistan helps them and helps our region?"

    He further added: "Our problem, our challenge, is that we cannot figure out what it is that Pakistan wants."
    This comes after the Interior Ministry of Afghanistan has confirmed the huge explosives on Wednesday’s bloody and deadly truck bombing in Kabul were from Pakistan.

    Najib Danish the spokesman for Interior Ministry of Afghanistan said ":Pakistan is the key planner of this incident like in the past, but our security team is investigating the incident and these investigations have not been completed."

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