Germany sends refugees back to Austria

    Germany sends refugees back to Austria

    Jan 12, Berlin: Since the beginning of the month, Germany has been sending an increasing number of migrants back to Austria every day.

    Austrian police said that many had no valid documents, whilst others did not want to apply for asylum in Germany but in other countries, notably in Scandinavia.

    New Year's Eve attacks on women in Cologne, blamed on migrants, have put pressure on Chancellor Angela Merkel.

    Most of those sent back to Austria are not Syrians, who usually get asylum, media reports said.

    Instead, they are migrants mostly from Afghanistan as well as Morocco and Algeria, Austrian police said.

    "The daily number of migrants being turned back has risen from 60 in December to 200 since the start of the year," David Furtner, police spokesman in Upper Austria state, told AFP news agency.

    The Oslo Times


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