Genocide attempts against Hindus in Bangladesh

    Genocide attempts against Hindus in Bangladesh

    Chandan Sarkar: 

    Land gripping, rape, vandalism of holy idols of minority groups are as common as road accidents in Bangladesh. As persecution Hindus in the country has become as common as road accidents such cases are no longer reported by mainstream media in the country.

    Prof Dr. Abul Barker, Prof of Economics, Dhaka University, said that published in a newspaper recently, the fundamentalism has increased tremendously in Bangladesh and a huge sum of money is being used to train their militants. He also stated that such groups have witnessed high profits of approximately 2 trillion in the last 40 years.
    Recently, local media,  Bangladeshi daily star published a report stating the last year alone there was a drastic increase in atrocities against the  Hindu community.

    Similarly, when The Oslo Times,  went to visit Dumuria, Khulna, one Kalidas ( high priest) told us that snatching land and real estate from Hindus has become very easy. "They first threaten to kill, if that does not work they then threaten to abduct our daughters or wives. We are left with no choice.’’
    Violence against Hindus  in Bangladesh has become routine:

    On 6th may 2016 few miscreants are attacked Pankaj Sarkar 57 and stabbed him to death. The Miscreants led by notorious Ziaur Rahman alias Afghan Zia carried out the attack for ransom from Pankaj which they had demanded from him three months ago. The They had put Pankaj under pressure for the ransom of three-four days before the attack. Although some people did come for his rescue came no one was caught as the perpetrator fled and warned him against lodging a complaint against them at the police station. The name of the extortionist is Mohammad Zia Sardar (32) son of SaburAli Sardar who demanded Taka three hundred thousand, from the Hindu Priest. Zia Sardar also threatened Pankaj Sarkar if he fails to pay off he would be killed. Subsequently, the Priest has been taken to the nearest Hospital for treatment. His physical condition is reported to be critical.

    Hindu fishermen and pregnant women too have been attacked at are sexually abused. The victims Rahin Chandra Roy – 35 and Vetol Das -40 told to us the perpetrators Md. Pintu Sarkar, Rahimuddin and others not arrested yet. When we have investigated that area, it is heard that the local influential people trying to capture the water body.

    In another such incident, three attackers in a motorbike came to tailors shop and attacked and killed its owner Nikhil at Dubiyal, Gopalpur, Tangail, Dhaka. Nikhil-54 was hacked to death. In Nikhil commented on Prophet Mohammed and the local Madrassa teacher had filed a case against him  and the police had arrested Nikhil and put him in jail for a few months. After being bailed out Nikhil stayed in hiding and returned back to his area after a long period of time.

    This genocide attempt against Hindus in Bangladesh is common, at any moment local terrorists who are against religious freedom can torture, kill, rape and even forcefully capture someone's home. The government should protect the Hindu community. Justice has not yet been done and this silence by the authorities will only worsen the situation.

    The Oslo Times International News Network


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