French religious leaders call for more security

    French religious leaders call for more security

    July 27, Paris: Leaders from different religion have called for more security at places of worship following the murder of an elderly priest in France on Tuesday.

    Representatives of Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Buddhist faiths spoke after meeting President Hollande.

    Father Jacques Hamel was killed while conducting morning mass in his church. The attack took place in an ordinary Catholic church in a suburb of Rouen.

    One of the two men who attacked him was wearing an electronic surveillance tag, which was temporarily turned off under his probation conditions.

    Muslim leader Dalil Boubakeur, rector of Paris's Grand Mosque, said the leaders "deeply desire that our places of worship are the subject of greater [security] focus, a sustained focus", as even "the most humble place of worship" can be subject to an attack, BBC reported.

    President Francois Hollande has also held a meeting of his security and defence council on Wednesday morning, and is now chairing a cabinet meeting.

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