France Presidential Polls :Hollande not to run for President

    France Presidential Polls :Hollande not to run for President

    Dec 2, Paris: President Francois Hollande has announced late Thursday evening that he will not seek a second term as president of France.

    The 62-year-old, who after the terrorist attacks of  last year is faced with extremely  low popularity ratings, has become the first sitting president in modern French history not to seek re-election."In the months to come, my only duty will be to continue to lead my country," Hollande said, during a  live telecast. "The world, Europe, France have faced particularly serious challenges during my mandate. In these particularly challenging circumstances I wanted to maintain national cohesion," he added.

    According to him,he was aware of the risks of running and warned of the threat from the National Front.One of the first reactions came from a former economy minister, Emmanuel Macron, who said the president had made a "courageous decision". He is himself standing for president as an independent centrist, having resigned from the government a few months ago.

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