France highest court suspends burkini ban

    France highest court suspends burkini ban

    Aug.26, Paris: The highest administrative court in France has suspended a ban on full-body "burkini" swimsuits that was imposed in a town on the Mediterranean coast.

    The ban in Villeneuve-Loubet "seriously and clearly illegally breached fundamental freedoms", it found, including freedom of belief.

    The ruling could set a precedent for up to 30 other towns that imposed bans on their beaches, chiefly on the Riviera. The court will make a final decision on the legality of the bans later.

    A human rights group, the Human Rights League (LDH), and an anti-Islamophobia association (CCIF), brought the ban in Villeneuve-Loubet to the court's attention, BBC reported.

    Patrice Spinosi, a lawyer for the LDH, said outside court that people who had been fined could claim their money back.

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