Four US journalists detained in Bahrain

    Four US journalists detained in Bahrain

    Feb 16, Washington: Four US journalists have been detained in Bahrain accused of offences including entering the country illegally, having submitted false information to border staff, and participating in an unlawful gathering

    Bahraini police said that they had detained four "foreign nationals", while the US State Department said it was aware of reports that US citizens had been arrested in the Gulf nation.

    According to a statement by Bahrain's interior ministry the four were Americans.

    The freelance journalist Anna Therese Day was among those arrested, according to a statement from Day's family.

    According to Day’s family statement, "The four are experienced journalists, having most recently worked on virtual reality documentary filmmaking in Egypt and Gaza, and we hope the Bahraini authorities will release them rapidly and without harm."

    "Anna and her crew are committed journalists who only want to ensure they could undertake their profession ethically and thoroughly,” the statement said.

    Reporters Without Borders called for the four to be released "rapidly and without harm".

    The Oslo Times


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