Four Muslim school girls racially abused in Poland

    Four Muslim school girls racially abused in Poland

    June 28, Warsaw: Four  Muslim girls visiting Warsaw from Berlin claim that they  were racially abused on a visit to Holocaust memorials in Poland.

    The girls, who were part of a student group, say that locals spat on them and threatened them, while local police did nothing to protect them.Twenty youngsters from the Theodor Heuss Community School in the Moabit district of Berlin had gone on the trip that was organized by the German-based House of the Wannsee Conference, a Holocaust memorial group. 

    According to reports one of the teacher's stated that, the girls wearing headscarves were targeted most of all, the students.One of the girls in particular said that a man spat on her in the street in Lublin, and police standing nearby failed to act.

    Seydanur Kilic, one of the girls wearing a headscarf, told Deutschlandfunk, "We saw policemen smiling, and a Pole explained to us police didn’t want to help."

    The police confirmed the incident, but said they misunderstood the students due to the language barrier, hearing “from the people translating that there was no problem.”

    The Oslo Times International News Network


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