Foreign Interference can ruin a nation, Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai Tell's The Oslo Times

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    Foreign Interference can ruin a nation, Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai Tell's The Oslo Times

    Aug 7, Kabul: At a time when the Aghan public's faith in the security situation in the country has been shaken by the recent terror attacks in Kabul and Herat, The Oslo Times met with Afghanistan's former head of state Mr. Hamid Karzai,  who shouldered the responsibility of the country when nothing was smooth.

    He had his feet grouted so strong, that even in all odd conditions and situations, he didn’t deviate from his duty and led the nation ahead.

    He was successful in changing peoples’ mindset from negative to the one filled with hoes and smile on their faces.
    Most recently, he changed his viewpoint of looking at the West, especially the USA in particular, the reason being the allegations that they are fueling the terrorism.
    " I was thinking deeply that America is on our side and helping  us in eradicating the terrorism and extremity, unfortunately I was wrong,  as the USA is here (in Afghanistan) for its personal goal and not for honoring Afghan people and war against Terrorism." 

    The former President in his brief rendezvous with The Oslo Times International News Network Team,  last week talked about the foreign influnece on the country, the political upheavel and importance of  the current peace process.


    Q1. You may be aware that, Mr Hassan Ruhani, the President of Iran said a few days ago, that they would like to control Afghanistan’s water , in order to protect Iran’s environment as it’s influenced by Afghanistan’s , what is your point of view on this, as country’s  Former President and the current national symbol?

    It is a long pending issue between Afghanistan and Iran, if you remember even during his highness King Zahir Shah’s regime and Dawood Khan’s tenure , and the same was also discussed during my time government while we were building Salma dam and working on it when in progress , so both Iran former president Ahmad Nezhad and Turkmenistan’s President brought this to my notice that they were facing lots of challenges because of this project in Afghanistan. I didn’t reply to this letter, because it was our right to provide basic facilities to our citizens, and our neighboring countries shouldn’t have any objection what so ever for this.

    We also wish to spread agriculture across the country, wherein irrigation is of prime importance. We haven’t dabbled into other countries’ territory for the resources, but using our own and hence we once again emphasize that our neighbors shouldn’t raise any issues over this movement of ours. We also have proposed to our neighboring countries, that whatever surplus we have after taking care of our requirements, we will be more than happy to divert it to them based on their requirements, for instance the Kunar river water belongs to us however in case of scarce situation in Pakistan, we have no issues in releasing it to our neighbor. We would do it with utmost gratification.

    Q.2.The national terminology is under Iran’s cultural interference in Afghanistan, what is your idea in this regard?

    A2. Our national terminology is not influenced by Iran’s cultural interference, it is affected as a result of our migrations, miserable and to all external influences, we refer to the word hospital as “Rughtoon” while some people brought up in Iran they use the word “Shifakhana” for it, those who grown up in Pakistan say “Danishghah” for “Puhantoon” (i.e. University) also they call Hospital for “Rughtoon”, saying Parliament for Shora. This does not mean these are attacks on our national dictionary , we must no deteriorate our relations with our neighboring countries for these matters , more than anyone else the West is against our custom and culture , in particular the US, here every foreigner effort to aggression Afghanistan’s national traditions , the USA is more than all against our national customs even they show disagree against Loya Jiga “Big session” , presently if anyone wants to name Afghanistan’s national customary( traditions) she/he is convicted and it is done by America , we are neighbor with Iran With 3 million immigrants over there, sharing everything with them, we are doing such as to attack our neighbor and to urge or encourage the one 10000 Km far away from us.

    Q3. Some people in Afghanistan believe that the “Durand” frontier line is an accepted one any debates regarding it all in vain, but some people are very sensitive put to know this issue as honor and dignity for Afghanistan what is your remarks as a national symbol for this issue?

    A3. The Durand line is an imposed frontier line by British , parting big Afghanistan in two places as a body in two parts hence Pakistan is now its inheritor , anyone claiming that Durand line is an accepted one is a national traitor of this country and is a man of strangers/foreigners, those who oppose big session ( Loya Jirga) is a man of strangers/ foreigners and considered as a national traitor , and anybody considered “Durand Line” as accepted she/he is a man of foreigners and this country’s national traitor.

    Q4.There are rumors that Russians are arming people in the northern parts, also retorted by Gulbuddin Hekmatyar , Emir of Hezb-e-Islami (Islamic party), and while you’re having good connections with Russia what do you think?

    When the United States entered Afghanistan, the Afghan people considered it a swing of fate for Afghanistan and we started our cooperation with Americans, as we were under the impression that we will now be able to stand at an equal footing with our neighboring countries and in the  world platform.But as time passed there were discomforts , civilian killings had increased to unprecedenant numbers, their ideas were in contrast in respect to terrorists havens and no action was taken, the performance was against what Afghans were thinking.

    Hereupon, I complained for the first time in the year 2008 to President Putin expressing that Americans have not come here to fight against extremity and terrorism but to regulate terrorism, he answered me that we have many big differences in the world at large with the USA in many places, but in Afghanistan's status we and the Americans are in one view and we are on the American side. This was Russia’s stance till 2013 , but when they studied the Daiesh(IS) outbreak it later concerned them,  they realised that the Americans were using Afghanistan for the benefit of terrorism and extremity training. since then, the  Russians also wanted to safeguard their security. we allowed the Americans  to come and interfere with our national issues and to massacre innocent people , drop bombs , and to interfere in affairs of Afghanistan , but did not let our neighboring country to come and help us in the effort to end terrorism for us and protect their security too.

    My view is that we should not let our  country be sacrificed by the USA or our Neighboring countries, we should protect our territory from anyone and it is our duty, it is not our obligation to become friends affiliated with Americans to thrash the Russians, Pakistan or Iran, we do not meed to form American mercenaries (militias) out of ourselves, we need to safeguard our country territories from other persons.

    Q5. Recently, the involved members and non-governmental replaced political elders against the National unity government in Afghanistan forming coalitions which is a matter of concern by regular Afghan people, as a national symbol what would you suggest?

    A. Afghanistan is the home for all Afghans. It is about being true to our motherland, and we must not rule like the British ruled “ divide and rule”. So, eventhough the Americans are here it to reach their nuisance goals or any other foreign power tries to divide Afghans , we should challenge them as a nation. The US government representatives in Kabul do not have the right to say anything regarding Gen, Dostum or any other person whether convicted or not to bring to justice, Dostum is an Afghan , the issue goes to Afghanistan courts and it is their own duty, this is not the job of Americans to tell us Dostum must go to behind the bars.

    These are our  issues and we need to solve them among ourselves , the bottom line this is our country , and we are the only ones who can save it.

    Q6. There was no reconciliation (peace) with opposition groups during your long lasting term as President, but the National Unity Government with all its shortages were able to get to with Mr. Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, the leader of Hezb-e-Islami ( Islamic Party )what was the secret behind it?

    A6. I had peace talks with Mr. Hekmatyar during my term as President reaching to this point (i.e. the time began and finished), similar to Salam damn,  I had started the work and was accomplished totally during my administration and the new President inaugurated it. Identically I had peace talks with Mr. Hekmatyar and made him satisfied to a reconciliation, then my term ended and the new President came to the table with him for the reconciliation process to begin.

    (Edited by Prabalta Rijal,Chief International Correspondent The Oslo Times)

    The Oslo Times International News Network


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