Flipping by Eichin Chang-Lim is an award-winning romance novel that highlights the power of love and the strength of the human spirit to overcome life's challenges. It tells the story of two interconnected families, one Taiwanese and one American, struggling to navigate life's unexpected turns. 

    JonSun and SuAnn, despite their different social backgrounds, fall in love with the odds against them. SuAnn's family has other plans for her future, but their love cannot be dismissed so easily. Defying everything, the couple gets married secretly and move to California. Good fortune blesses the couple while flipping houses. Their success marred only by JonSun's sudden need for revenge.

    The second story is about Christa and her struggles with her disabilities. At a young age, it was discovered that she was profoundly deaf. A cochlear implant gave her a new perspective and she fell in love with Gymnastics. Flipping in the air made her feel alive, and nothing will stop her from achieving her dream of a gold medal.

    The two stories intersect when JonSun and SuAnn's son, Wynson, meets Christa. Their friendship turns into something more. But a lot of problems stand in their way: Christa receives devastating news which could be a game changer, and Wynson has to deal with his own troubles at home. The question is whether their love for each other will survive these trials. 

    About the Author
    Eichin Chang-Lim (Dr.) is an optometrist by day and author by night. A mother of two, she and her husband run a private optometry practice in Los Angeles and live in Orange County, CA. The author modeled during her college years in Taiwan, and she was in several short films, including the comedy Indy/feature film, “Winning Formula” as a supporting role. Besides acting and writing, Dr. Chang loves opera and classical music.

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