Five types of men you should stay clear of

    Five types of men you should stay clear of

    Oct 31, Oslo: Have you ever thought about how you can save yourself the tears and the trauma of being in a relationship that you aren’t happy in, well here are the five kind of men, that we have identified that you need to stay clear off if you are looking for a happy and healthy relationship.

    Suspicious Devils: Despite how loyal you are to him, if he keeps suspecting you and has a feeling at the back of his mind that you are still in touch with your ex and that you are cheating on him. If he hates you talking to other people and hates seeing you happy and constantly fights over small things like keeping your phone busy , than grab your stuff and run, and even bother looking back, because every day with such a person is like living in a horror film.

    The Judgmental type: Okay we all agree not judging someone is easier said than done, but if your man keeps judging you based on your past life and has theories that makes you feel like everything that you have done in life is wrong, if he keeps making you feel guilty. Than its better to turn around and look in the other direction than to pursue such a man, as this kind of man uses your guilt to hide his flaws.
    The creepy complainer: He complains about everything you do, you are a bore, you don’t know how to have fun, hates the way you laugh and keeps pointing out flaws that make you feel miserable and depressed about yourself. No matter what you do you are never good enough and he will always use it against you, so even happy moments always get ruined.
    Mirror lovers: These kind of men spend hours on end at the spa, fashion stores picking their outfit and in front of the mirror, they take extra effort in looking good and as far as they are concerned they need to be handled with care. Try and stay as far away as you can from such men as they will be so obsessed about themselves they won't have time to care about you.

    The Possessive types: Its always wonderful to know that you are loved and mean the world to someone, but if he starts getting possessive and doesn’t even let you spend time with your friends, gets angry if your friends call and if his presence in your life leads to an end to your social life as he wants all your time and attention, than its time you talk things through with him, see how he takes it before turning away from him.

    One has to finally always remember that if you are already in a serious relationship with such a person sit down and talk to them as everyone has flaws. Talk to him about his annoying habits and how it makes you feel give him the chance to change, evaluate your relationship, is it really worth all the trouble, try and identify what made you fall in love with him in the first place, it's easy to fall in love but it takes a lot of joint adjustments and efforts to keep a relationship alive and thriving. 


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