EU Needs to Care for Its Own Interests, Not those of United States

    EU Needs to Care for Its Own Interests, Not those of United States

    June 24, Bratislava:  Branislav Fabry, a law and social sciences expert at Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia, said that The European Union would be better off focusing on European interests rather than those of the United States.

    Former Czech president Vaclav Klaus recently said that amid the growing pressure from Brussels on the East European countries to admit more migrants, it was now time for the Czech Republic to think about leaving the EU. When asked if Slovakia too should send a similar signal to Brussels, Branislav Fabry said that while considering such an exit small countries like Slovakia should have in mind an alternative course of development, because otherwise this warning would  not be taken seriously.

    “After leaving the EU Slovakia would find itself sandwiched between a pro-Western Ukraine and the EU countries and would hardly be able to pursue an independent policy. This would also complicate its relations with the US,” Fabry said.

    He added that exiting the EU would automatically end the country’s membership in NATO, whose policy towards Russia, and its actions in the Middle East are a major reason for the ongoing crisis in Europe.

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