Donald Trump's Islamphobic statements could fuel hate crimes

    1441023262134.jpg By SS.Fahad Hussain
    Donald Trump's Islamphobic statements could fuel hate crimes

    Dec 18,  Oslo: One shouldn’t be surprised with the speech of the Republican US Presidential candidate which comes with real feelings of the hidden terminology that has affected the global psychology towards the second largest population “Muslims”.

    I must mention here in quotes that Trump's statement against President Barrack Obama's Oval speech which urged the nation not to fall prey to terrorism and to stay united during this time of difficulty after the San Bernardino attack, "was a rather cowardice, emotional and not a political statement”.

    The entire scenario of the corpulent terror structure is going through a very historic and a very demonic phase not just because of the crimes that are being committed but also because of what is being highlighted through irresponsible big mouth citizens like Donald Trump who in his emotional drive has gone against the constitution under whose oath he will be seeking office and representing the world's largest democracy. Sadly, the Republicans, because of him, have now sprung up into damage control mode but the dent has already been made as this has shown how the subject of terrorism affects our day to day lives.

    The World needs to understand that terror has no religion while banning and branding all Muslims as terrorists and their existence in the States as threat to the national security does not provide a solution to this catastrophe that is a creation stereotyped media institutions which just seeks profits from the lives of innocents and questions the peaceful co-existence of human civilizations.
    Islam is a religion of peace, purity and adoration, which has taught its followers to co-exists peacefully and respect their intellectual personalities, it is the greed of some elites and radicals with so called political agenda and some blemish unknowns of faiths who have created this chaos like situation that has now reached an uncontrollable point of no return with qualities of ripple effect and repercussions’.

    One has to come out of this phobia that has not only destroying the society but tarnishing the one village- one world image of this globalized world that is now dragging its self slowly towards WW3. The kind of greed and deformity that prevails in the responsible minds of global figures has created the divide among all levels of human race.

    This world has to understand especially; the West & so called developed economies that there is no good or bad terrorism. Terror has no face or no religion but only one thing in common that is brutal violent acts of terror which kills only innocents and ravaged the lives of millions across, hence; born from a statements of big mouth riches who speak unknowingly about what their words can do to create hate in the hearts of people living in deliria already, therefore; igniting cycle of hatred and violence in the society and giving reasons to the enemies of human unity and multi-culturalism to prevail.

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