Don't allow Meningitis into Northeast UNICEF warns Nigerian authorities

    1454093731394.jpg By Mohammad Ibrahim
    Don't allow Meningitis into Northeast UNICEF warns Nigerian authorities Authorities confirmed hundreds of Meningitis cases across five affected Northern States

    Apr 13, Abuja: The UNICEF County Representative Mohamed Fall urged Nigerian Authorities to do everything humanly possible to stop the Meningitis from spreading into Northeastern part of the country. According to him, Meningitis is a highly communicable disease, but can be easily controlled through very simple improved hygiene measures. So far authorities confirmed 489 people have been killed by Meningitis across five Northern States.

    The UNICEF representative disclosed this at an emergency meeting with Northern Traditional Leaders Committee on Primary Healthcare Delivery held in Kaduna State Northwest Nigeria. "Meningitis is a highly communicable disease, but it can be easily controlled through very simple improved hygiene measures, understanding the mode of transmission, early health seeking behaviour can help very much to roll back this disease. " I need to call attention of your excellences to the situation in the North East.

    We know that, in the North East, children are already facing the burden of malnutrition. "They are already facing all the consequences of the devastating conflicts. Now, letting meningitis penetrate this area would increase the burden and this is why I want to take this opportunity to appeal to the Federal Minister Health, to appeal to all the partners for special attention to be paid to avoiding this disease get and spread into the North East, "he said. UNICEF further expressed appreciation to Northern Traditional Council for the long term partnership with the agency with regards to primary health care in Nigeria. " One example was just given by the Governor of Kaduna State of the partnership we have on polio. Today, Nigeria is very close to being a polio-free country, this is largely because of this partnership.

    "Building on this critical role, I think the calling of this meeting to get your involvement in the control of the outbreak of meningitis could not have been more timely than now. "Your role cannot be overemphasised, as communities listen to you, they accept your guidance and what we need today is to ensure that the messages get to the households, through the communities, through the families and there is no best partner than you in this fight, "he said. Governor Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai in his remarks said northwest zone has been battling with meningitis epidemic for the past two months.

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