Demonstrators take to the streets for the fourth day after Kabul Bombing

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    Demonstrators take to the streets for the fourth day after Kabul Bombing

    Kabul, June 3:  Afghan citizens have taken to the streets after the deadly bombing that took nearly a 100 lives and injured approximately 400 people earlier this week.

    The bomb had gone off in the Kabul's most secure region, which housed diplomatic offices and Embassies, raising questions as to how a terrorist truck could have entered the area unchecked and unnoticed, pointing towards a possible government or foreign embassy involvement in the attack.

    Four people have been killed in the demonstrations that began on Wednesday as citizens and civil rights activists took to the streets, demanding that the government to resign if they cannot secure the capital and the rest of the country. The bombings in Afghanistan began from the first day of Ramadan as terror groups like Daesh and the Taliban look for ways to stall the peace processs.

     Security officials have been forced to fire live rounds, teargas and water canon at crowd trying to stampede into the presidential palace, calling for the president, Ashraf Ghani, to step down and chanting “death to the Taliban”.According to a protestor, the demonstrations would continue until Ghani and the Afghan chief executive, Abdullah Abdullah, resign. “Day after day, innocent civilians are being killed by terrorists. If our leaders cannot restore security they should step down,” he said.

    Although the IS alias Daesh has taken responsibility for the attack the Afghanistan’s intelligence agency has blamed the Taliban-linked Haqqani network for the attack. As, Ghani is expected to approve the execution of 11 Taliban and Haqqani prisoners, a government source said.

    The Haqqani network, which alledgedly has ties with Pakistan’s military establishment, is led by the Taliban deputy leader, Sirajuddin Haqqani and has carried out numerous attacks in Kabul.

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