Deadly train crash in north-west Spain leaves four dead

    Deadly train crash in north-west Spain leaves four dead

    Sept.9, O Porrino: At least three people were killed when a train derailed near O Porrino in north-western Spain on Friday.

    About 60 passengers were on the Portuguese train when it derailed at 09:30 (07:30 GMT) near the town's station, El Pais news website reported. One carriage came off the tracks completely, the other two partially.

    Emergency workers are at the scene. The crash was at O Porrino near the Galician city of Vigo, north of Portugal.

    In July 2013 Spain suffered one of its worst train crashes in the same region, when a high-speed train derailed near Santiago de Compostela, killing 79 people and injuring some 170. The driver failed to brake in time before a bend.

    In Friday's crash the train apparently hit part of a bridge near a bend, El Pais reported.

    The Portuguese driver was among the three killed. The train operator is Comboios de Portugal and the train was travelling on the Vigo-Oporto route. The number of injured is not yet clear, though El Pais said many people managed to walk off the damaged train, BBC news reported.

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