Croatia to block border for refugees

    Croatia to block border for refugees

    Sept.18, Berlin: Croatia is to block its border for refugees to proceed northwards to Slovenia on their way to Germany and other EU nations.

    The country's interior minister has said that they have closed seven of its eight road border crossings with Serbia following a huge influx of migrants.

    Minister Ranko Ostojic said that the refugees entering the town of Tovarnik from Serbia would have to seek asylum in Croatia after the authorities provided safe passage to reception centres around the capital Zagreb.

    More than 9,000 refugees entered the country from Serbia in the past 24 hours, he informed.

    Croatian officials said that roads leading to the border crossings had also been shut.

    Meanwhile, Slovenia said it had stopped a group of migrants on a train and would return them to Croatia. Huge numbers of people heading north from the Mediterranean have created a political crisis in the European Union.

    The Oslo Times


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