Clinton and Trump remain front-runners in presidental elections

    Clinton and Trump remain front-runners in presidental elections

    March 6, Washington: United States presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have maintained their status as front-runners in the latest round of voting for their party's nomination.

    Ted Cruz has won nominating contests in Kansas and Maine, denting frontrunner Trump's momentum and bolstering Cruz's case that he is the best alternative for those bent on stopping Trump, according to media reports.

    Other Republican contenders Marco Rubio and John Kasich made little progress.

    Clinton lost to Bernie Sanders in the Democratic races in Kansas and Nebraska, but won in Louisiana.

    Cruz now appears to be the only candidate who can stop Trump, analysts say, after a week in which the Republican establishment did everything it could to attack Trump, according to the reports.

    Observers also point out that Cruz and Sanders both won in caucuses but appear to have lost in the Louisiana primary elections, involving far more voters.

    The Democratic race in Louisiana - comfortably won by Clinton - also appears to have exposed Sanders' lack of support among African-American voters, BBC news reported.

    The Oslo Times


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