Clashes erupt in South Sudan's Juba hours after UN plea

    Clashes erupt in South Sudan's Juba hours after UN plea

    July 11, Juba: Renewed fighting has broken out in South Sudan between forces loyal to the president and vice-president. Due to continue fighting, more than 200 people are reported to have died in clashes since Friday.

    A reporter in the capital, Juba, told the media that gunfire and large explosions could be heard all over the city; he said heavy artillery was being used.

    The latest violence came hours after the UN Security Council called on the warring factions to immediately stop the fighting.

    In a unanimous statement, the council condemned the violence "in the strongest terms" and expressed "particular shock and outrage" at attacks on
    UN sites. It also called for additional peacekeepers to be sent to South Sudan.

    Chinese media say two Chinese UN peacekeepers have now died in Juba. Several other peacekeepers have been injured, as well as a number of civilians who have been caught in crossfire.

    The latest round of violence erupted when troops loyal to President Salva Kiir and first Vice-President Riek Machar began shooting at each other in the streets of Juba.

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