China to sign Hinkley Point nuclear power deal in UK

    China to sign Hinkley Point nuclear power deal in UK

    Oct 21, London: Chinese President Xi Jinping will be sealing a deal on its contribution to what will be the first UK nuclear power plant to be built in a generation.

    The power plant according to reports, could be opened by 2025 at Hinkley Point, in Somerset, with China likely to cover about 30% of the cost.
    Over £30bn worth of deals between the UK and China are expected to be struck during the four-day visit as President Jinping prepares for his second day of meetings with the British Prime Minister David Cameron.
    Two other nuclear power stations, at Sizewell in Suffolk, and Bradwell in Essex, could follow as part of the deal with China.
    According to a report by the BBC, the Hinkley Point project has come under fire over its cost and the delays to investment decisions and the timetable for building."The original plan was for Hinkley Point to start generating electricity by 2023.

    The government has also been criticised for guaranteeing a price of £92.50 per unit of electricity - more than twice the current cost - for the electricity Hinkley produces," the report stated.

    The Oslo Times


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