China marks 50 years since start of Cultural Revolution

    China marks 50 years since start of Cultural Revolution

    May 16, Beijing: China has marked the 50th anniversary of one of the most devastating and defining events of 20th century with silence. The start of China's violent Cultural Revolution is passing without fanfare and has been almost completely ignored by the Communist Party-controlled media.

    Chairman Mao’s Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution – a decade-long period of political and social turmoil – began exactly 50 years ago on Monday. The event also produced a document announcing the start of the decade-long drive to pursue class warfare, enforce radical egalitarianism and enlist the population in mass political movements.

    The start of the Cultural Revolution was not widely known or understood and the time, but soon took on a violent agenda, leading to the downfall of leading officials, factional battles, mass rallies and the exile of educated youths to the countryside.

    No official events were held to commemorate Monday's anniversary, reports said.

    The Oslo Times


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