China developed the world’s most powerful submarine detector

    China developed the world’s most powerful submarine detector

    June 24, Beijing:  Chinese scientists have claimed a major breakthrough in magnetic detection technology which could find hidden metallic objects, including minerals and submarines.

    “Superconductive magnetic anomaly detection array" has been developed in Shanghai and passed inspection by an expert panel, The Chinese Academy of Sciences, China's largest research institute, said in an article. The device, works from air could be used to pinpoint the location of minerals buried deep beneath the earth in Inner Mongolia. The device could also be used on civilian and military aircraft as a "high performance equipment and technical solution to resources mapping, civil engineering, archaeology and national defence," the article said.

    Dr Lei Chong, an assistant researcher studying MAD technology at the Department of Micro/Nano Electronics, Shanghai Jiaotong University, said the Chinese device was different from conventional designs in at least two ways.

    The first is the large number of probes the device uses. With this “array”, it can collect much more data than traditional detectors, which tend to use just one antenna, said Lei, who was not involved in the project.

    The new MAD also uses a superconductive computer chip cooled by liquid nitrogen. This super-cool environment significantly increases the device’s sensitivity to signals that would be too faint for traditional devices to spot.

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