China arrested 37 over vaccine scandal

    China arrested 37 over vaccine scandal

    March 23, Beijing: Thirty-seven people have been arrested in eastern China over a huge vaccine scandal, state media report.

    It comes after police in Shandong announced last month they had arrested a mother and her daughter accused of buying and selling vaccines illegally.

    The estimated $88m (£61m) worth of vaccines were not properly refrigerated or transported. The illegal vaccine ring, said to have been in operation since 2011, has sparked widespread anger in China, local media reported.

    According to the the Xinhua news agency, the scandal has led to a crackdown, with checks ordered on vaccine makers, wholesalers and buyers.

    The vaccines were bought from a variety of sources, both licensed and unlicensed, then sold on to both illegal agents and legal local disease control
    and prevention centres at inflated prices, the news agency reported.

    The ring is alleged to have involved hundreds of people across 20 provinces, it said.

    Though authorities had known about it since April last year, they only made the news public late on Friday when they issued a call demanding that suppliers come forward to help them trace potential victims.

    The Oslo Times


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