China's Alibaba marks record sales in a day

    China's Alibaba marks record sales in a day

    Nov 12, Beijing: Chinese internet users have spent billions of dollars in world's biggest online shopping events. The 24-hour sale on Wednesday by e-commerce giant Alibaba, the world's biggest online retailer, broke its own record, with more than $1.5bn worth of goods sold within the first 12 minutes after trading began at midnight on Tuesday.

    A little over 12 hours after the promotion's start, sales had already outstripped last year's $9.3bn record. By around 10pm, shoppers had splashed out almost $13bn, according to a company blog.

    The figures were "very solid evidence for the power of Chinese consumers" Alibaba Chief Executive Officer Daniel Zhang said. Alibaba has been pushing November 11 in a bid to the tap country's huge and expanding internet shoppers since 2009.

    The Oslo Times


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