Celebrity twitter accounts hacked

    Celebrity twitter accounts hacked

    Nov 19, Oslo: Celebrity twitter accounts and official media, entertainment, and other accounts have been hacked and are now showing ads on their pages.

    According to reports, the affected accounts posted ads leading to what appears to be a spam website.The hacking took place nearly at once as several accounts like the Sky News and New Yorker magazine,  Playstation and Xbox started displaying off ads while . These were then followed by accounts belonging to celebrities, such as Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen and Argentinian football champion Lionel Messi - as well as the account of Scientific American magazine.

    The affected accounts began to tweet out strange messages containing the same link, which urged users to “gain more Twitter followers.”

    Other accounts affected now include the Red Cross, The Economist, The X Factor, and My Little Pony.

    The Oslo Times/Agencies


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