Canada wildfire likely to double in size

    Canada wildfire likely to double in size

    May 7, Alberta: Officials in Canada have said that a massive wildfire going on in the state of Alberta is likely to double in size over the next 25 hours, as evacuation efforts continue in the fire-ravaged oil city of Fort McMurray.

    The fire currently covers an area larger than New York City and is being fanned by winds and feeding on dry vegetation.

    Canadian police led convoys of cars through the burning ghost town of Fort McMurray on Friday in a risky operation to get thousands of people to safety.

    A day after 8,000 people left the oil city, another 5,500 more were expected to be evacuated by the end of Friday and another 4,000 on Saturday, authorities said.

    More than 80,000 people have left the city in the heart of Canada' oil sands, where the fire has torched 1,600 homes and other buildings, according to the Associated Press news agency quoting officials. 

    The flames are now moving away from the town, most of whose inhabitants have now reached safety.

    The Oslo Times


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