Burundi rejects AU's peacekeeping force

    Burundi rejects AU's peacekeeping force

    Dec 19, Bujumbura:  The government of Burundi has poured outrage over the African Union's decision to deploy a peacekeeping force of 5,000 to curb the ongoing violence in the country. 

    According to reports on Saturday, the authorities in Burundi have said that they will prevent foreign troops from entering its borders at any cost, after the African Union's Peace and Security Council agreed on Friday night to deploy an African Prevention and Protection Mission (MAPROBU) for an initial period of six months - primarily to protect civilians after months of political violence following the disputed re-election of President Pierre Nkurunziza earlier this year.

    Despite the overwhelmingly angry response, The African Union has given Burundi's government 96 hours to cooperate and accept the deployment of peacekeepers and warned that it reserves the right to enforce its decision.

    This move from AU comes after the UN general secretary Ban Ki-Moon warned that Burundi was at the brink of a civil war. As according to reports, over 400 people have been killed since protests against Nkurunziza's third presidential term started in April, and nearly 3,500 have been arrested in the political crisis, according to UN figures.

    The Oslo Times


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