Brexit could put peace at risk:Premier Cameron

    Brexit could put peace at risk:Premier  Cameron

    May 9,  London: The British PM has stated thatPeace in Europe could be at risk if Britain votes to leave the European Union,
    The UK has regretted "turning its back" on Europe in the pas.
    the PM will  in a speech will 

     Johnson - now free from his role as London mayor - will begin a battle bus tour of the country on behalf of the Leave campaign later this week.

     Cameron will argue that the EU - with Britain in it - has helped bring together countries that had been "at each others' throats for decades".
    He will warn the peace and stability Europe has enjoyed in recent years cannot be guaranteed.
    The PM will argue that continued co-operation is in keeping with the country's finest traditions and the sweep of its history.
    'Risk worth taking?'

    While Europe has largely been at peace since 1945, Cameron will say it is barely two decades since the Bosnian war while, more recently, Russia has been at war with Georgia and Ukraine."Can we be so sure that peace and stability on our continent are assured beyond any shadow of doubt? Is that a risk worth taking? I would never be 

    The Oslo Times


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