Brazilian president accuses opposition of ‘deliberate coup-mongering’

    Brazilian president accuses opposition of ‘deliberate coup-mongering’

    Oct.14, Brasília: Brazilian President Dimila Rousseff says her opponents are instigating to overthrow a democratically elected government and spreading hatred and intolerance across country.

    In an address to union chiefs, Rousseff said the political opposition is practising "deliberate coup-mongering" against a "project that has successfully lifted millions of Brazilians out of poverty."

    Her remarks were harshest one since federal audit court ruled that Rousseff's government manipulated its accounts to disguise a widening deficit as she campaigned for re-election last year. While the court ruling is not legally binding, opposition lawmakers are using it to argue for impeachment proceedings.

    Rousseff urged Brazilians to stand up by her and her government, saying that she is not the target or the subject of any ongoing investigation.

    The Oslo Times


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